Thanks for another amazing Hair Cut Tammy! If anyone wants the best cut or color of their lives call Tammy
Danielle Whitters

love her; she does an amazing job and loving it!
Ruth Turner
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Thank you Tammy for fixing my daughters hair after I ruined it. I bleached it at home. BIG MISTAKE. She ended up losing 6 inches of length, but Tammy dyed it a beautiful dark brown with purple highlights. She also gave her a beautiful backwards bob. She loves her hair more now, than she did when it was long. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH.

Tammy is a master of color!


I had a terrible experience with another salon and hair color.  I had been with the same stylist for a few years and hadn't asked for anything different - my usual strawberry blonde color to over the gray.  However, the results were unbelievable.  I was glowing pink!!  The color was then  "fixed" - I had black hair.  I never received an apology or an offer to correct this mess at another time.   Over the course of the next few months,  my hair did fade - black  to black purple to chocolate cherry to dirty brown -- Once my tears and embarrassment faded, along with my hair -I went to many other salons asking for help.  You can imagine my horror when I was told to "let it grow out", it would "fade" or "cut it off".  A few friends had recommended I talk to Tammy.   I walked in and knew I was in a good place.   Tammy wasn't afraid to take on this challenge.  She talked with me and looked at my hair.  I liked that she listened to me on what I wanted. She was honest with me - the hair was terribly damaged.  It would take time and some work to get it back to being healthy.  She felt confident that she would be able to help me.  I put my complete trust into her skills.  My nerves for the first appointment were on over-load.  She explained what her plan was for that day  and for the process of getting back to "normal". Besides dealing with the damaged hair, a style the desperately needed cutting, and an awful color, the new outgrowth was mostly gray - which adds another level of complication.   I received a new hair cut, a chemical conditioning treatment, and a new  all-over base color.  My hair looked 100% better - I felt 100% better!   Though it had a long way to go to be healthy, I was thrilled beyond words.  Throughout the next year, I continued with conditioning therapy along with cuts and color every 6-8 weeks. I am happy to say that all is well.  I never lost faith.  Tammy proved to me that she is a master of her craft.

Patty B.C













































































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