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~~All the hair I use is 100% human hair. The differences are how they are prepared and where they come from. You can wet, wash, cut, flat iron, curl, blowdry, and do pretty much everything else with all of the hair. One of the biggest mistakes people make is assuming that extension hair is going to feel exactly like their own hair. The only extension hair that will feel close to your actual hair (not exactly like it) is the highest quality hair. All of the other types will require maintenance with high end products.
Highest quality hair:
Also known as 100% Virgin Indian Remy hair. All hair is from one donor, all hair is facing the same directions as if it were growing on your head. If you are looking for extremely gorgeous hair that is always soft and beautiful, this is what you want to get. You will love the body and natural movement of the highest quality human hair. This is the Gucci of hair and the closest you're going to get to having hair that looks and feels like your own. Because the cuticles are intact and go in the same direction as the hair that grows on your head, the hair has a beautiful natural luster that you don't see on other types of hair. Also, the cuticles protect the hair and prevent tangling, giving you long-lasting, easy to manage, soft hair. This is is as good as it gets, it basically came straight off of one donor's head. Definitely worth the investment since the hair can be used over and over, and be colored

How Long do Extensions last? / Hair Lengh

It depends on what type of extensions you get, the hair quality you get,  and how well you take care of them. Here is a brief breakdown on the average time extensions last:

 Non Sewn Beaded: up to 3 months 
Micro Tape In extension: 6 to 8 weeks

~~Hair Textures

The default hair included in the prices you see on the price list is straight, but after the first wash, it has a small wave to it. There is also wavy hair and curly hair available. If you want wavy or curly hair, an additional $50.00 is added on to the price because wavy and curly hair is more expensive. Keep in mind (highest quality excluded) that the wavy and curly textures will get more tangled faster than the straight texture. The more curly you go, the more the hair has been chemically processed. This goes the same with color. If you're getting blonde hair or other unnatural hair colors, it has been processed more than the black, dark brown, and brown colored hair

~~18 Inches is the average length for hair extensions. It falls a little below the bra strap, and can be cut to blend in with short hair. If you have hair shoulder length or above, 18 inches is the recommended length for you.

20 inches will fall at the waist area. 20 inches can be used for people with hair anywhere below shoulder length. If your hair is shoulder length or above, 20 inches wouldn't be a good fit. Because of the excessive cutting and blending that has to be done for people with short hair, 20 inches would look un-natural after the blending process. If your hair is past your shoulders, you might like to try 20 inches for extra length.


22 inches is for people who already have generally long hair, but want it longer! It will fall just above your belly button area. If your hair length hits your bra strap or below, you qualify for 22 inch hair.

Type of Extension / Pricing

Clip In Weft

• Great for those who want versatility
• Since you don't sleep in the hair or wash it, temporary quality usually lasts a while, therefore not breaking the bank
• Can be put in and removed at your discretion?
• Great for younger clients, good beginner technique

Tape In Extension

Gentle on the hair
Very flat, least noticed compared to other extension
Good for all types of hair
Must be removed and reapplied 4 to 6 weeks
Can be put in a ponytail but requires an" end check" to make sure no tape is showing,

Non Sewn Beaded Weft

•Most gentle weft technique, very flat, least noticed weft technique

•Great for normal to thick hair

•Weft extensions are thicker than individual extensions

•Must tighten every 4-6 weeks

•?Can be put in a pony tail but requires an "end check" to make sure no tracks are s


For all hair extension installations, a non refundable half price down payment is required before your appointment to ensure your spot. This can be made over the phone when booking your appointment or in person. please don't book online for  hair extensions, I don't keep any hair in stock, All hair is custom ordered.


If you're getting weft type extensions, these prices are based on a full head which is considered three tracks. If you have thicker hair, it is recommended you get extra tracks. (4 or more)

I do not have hair in stock at the salon. I order hair for each specific client's needs.

~~How long does my natural hair have to be before I can get extensions?:

 As long as you have some hair to make it blend right, your hair can be pretty short. If you think it's too short, send me a picture and I'll let you know if I can do

~~What is Remy hair?

Remy hair is just a fancy word for High Quality hair. It means that all of the hairs are facing in a downward direction the way the hair naturally grows off of the head. Some lower qualities that aren't Remy have upside down hairs that will result in your hair becoming tangled faster.

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